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Heat Pump Boilers

Oxford Refrigeration are now approved installers of air source heat pump boiler systems from the leading manufacturers.

Following the European commitment to reducing 20% of the emissions by 2020, energy waste from residential space heating and domestic hot water have been identified as the possible reduction.

Air to water heat pumps are considered as renewable energy technology compared to heating systems dependant on fossil fuels and are considered as an ideal solution for space heating and hot water.

Residential heat production by means of gas, oil and electricity contribute to raise CO2 emissions level in the atmosphere. In addition these traditional heating systems are less efficient and therefore the energy running costs increase.

Mitsubishi Ecodan

The Mitsubishi Ecodan system is designed to meet the demands of today’s domestic hot water and heating requirements. Simple to install, cost effective for the end user and with outstanding energy efficiency it is ideal for designers, installers and users. Inverter driven heat pump technology offers a low carbon alternative to traditional boilers in modern buildings whether new build or refurbishments.

  • 30-50% reduction in CO2 emissions
  • Low running costs
  • Easy to install – self contained unit only requiring water and electric connections.
  • No gas supply, flues or ventilation required
  • No need for ground work or external pumps
  • Single phase power supply with a low staring current
  • Ideal for under floor heating or low temperature radiators
  • Low maintenance
  • Reduced VAT from 17.5% to 5% for domestic applications
  • Comparable installation cost to a modern gas fired condensing boiler
  • Low noise levels
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Daikin Altherma

The Daikin altherma system is the complete home heating system that is a genuine alternative to fossil fuels. The heating system that will make a real difference to both your pocket and to the environment.

Main characteristics:

  • Heat pump technology that will give 3-5 times the efficiency of a traditional boiler system
  • Manufactured by Daikin who are the global leader in the production of heat pumps for heating and cooling
  • Providing your heating and hot water demands throughout the year
  • Supplied and fitted by trained qualified engineers with no need to change or resize your existing radiators
  • A fully packaged heat pump system without any hidden extras
  • Superior technology ensures performance is unaffected in a cool UK climate

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Toshiba Estia

In line with the increasing focus on heat pumps as a new heat source, in July 2009 Toshiba Carrier unveiled the Estia, its new environmentally-oriented air to water heat pump system for European markets that adopts a combination of Toshiba’s heat pump and inverter technologies of the highest global standard.

Incorporating Toshiba’s most advanced technology in all components from the compressor and inverter to the refrigerant, the system has already been launched in Europe. The outdoor unit of the highly efficient light commercial air conditioner the Super Digital Inverter forms its base.

Almost all residential heating in the UK, France, Germany and Sweden is done using heated water in radiators, floor heating systems and fan coils, although the proportion of various heat sources, such as oil and gas boilers, electric heaters and heat pumps, differs by country. Estia provides welcomed flexibility in connecting to these existing heat sources.

The hot water heated by the heat pump can be sent to a panel radiator or fan coil to heat a room, or circulated in hot water pipes in floors to provide radiant floor heating in winter. Hot water can also be supplied to a shower or kitchen through hot water pipes from the hot water tank (150, 210, or 300 liters).

Estia comes in a lineup of 3, 4, and 5 hp models. The 4 hp model boasts the world’s class of energy efficiency with a COP of 4.66.

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