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Project: Lambs Passage, London, EC1Y 8LE
Works undertaken: The design, supply and installation of VRF air conditioning to high specification apartments.
With the total requirement for 140 ducted fan coil units being required, Mitsubishi VRF systems provided the perfect solution to meet the heating and cooling demand of the building. The ability to serve this amount of fan coil units with only 14 condensing units was crucial due to the limited roof space available to locate the plant.
In addition to the above, having a single branch box per system from which pipe work ran to each apartment provided the most flexible solution in terms of ease of installation
The ducted VRF fan coil units serving each apartment were installed within the ceiling void of the rooms, distributing cooled or heated air through supply air grilles and spiral ducting.
Each apartment has its own individual controller and remote temperature sensor to allow complete end user control. In addition to this and due to the large number of fan coils and the potential access issues in the future, the complete installation is also controlled by a centralised controller. This allows the units to be interrogated without the need to disturb the occupants of the apartments.