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Testimonial 4

The team from ORAC were really helpful and ensured that the whole process from planning to completion of our new freezer store went smoothly and kept to schedule! The few minor adjustments that we needed after commissioning were also carried out promptly with a friendly and co-operative manner.” Oxford Agricultural Trials Ltd.

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Testimonial 3

To Whom it may Concern
ORAC services and cares for our ageing air conditioning system here at Soha Housing in Didcot for over 8 years.  ORAC have also been responsible for upgrading our system as and when required, particularly over the last two years.
Re Servicing: all engineers from ORAC are knowledgeable, professional, friendly and customer focused.  They always meet the service call out standards and usually do better.  They are always aware of working around our staff and doing repairs in a timely and efficient manner.  Engineers are also good at explaining exactly what the problem is and what the solution will be which really helps the facilities staff, especially if there are choices to make.  They are a pleasure to have around and a reassuring presence when the system goes wrong.
Re Upgrading the System: ORAC have worked with us, recommending what would work best with the ageing system we have, to help prolong the life of the system and make it efficient as possible.  ORAC are also good at explaining how we need to meet changing environmental standards.  In terms of installing an upgrade they worked with us to do this at the most convenient time for us.  Engineers worked hard and are never put off by bad weather outside!  Testing is vigorous and they will always provide a follow up visit if its needed.
They continue to work with us – sincere thanks.
Jane Davys
Office Services Manager

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Testimonial 2

 Dear Peter, Ian and Steve

I have been managing the refurbishment of unit 2 in Reading, part of which was the installation of brand new air conditioning which ORAC installed.

I would like to express my thanks and to tell you what a great job your engineers have done.  Although I did thank them all before they left please pass on my thanks again.

They not only worked very hard to ensure they completed the work on time, they worked with my other contractors on site to ensure there was a working harmony.

Many thanks

Kind Regards
Mary Fudge
Facilities Coordinator

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Testimonial 1

To whom it may concern

Oxford Refrigeration Limited (ORAC)
We would start by giving some background on our relationship with ORAC. SLE carried out an internal review and assessment of its Facilities Management in December 2008. The review highlighted a significant weakness in plant and equipment maintenance and repair services. A short list of candidates with sufficient skills and scope to cover the needs of the company was created, and ORAC were interviewed and subsequently appointed to provide the services required. This appointment was undertaken at very short notice due to operational needs.

We were impressed from day one with the positive and professional approach shown by ORAC in taking on an unknown site. They planned and carried out a comprehensive review of the plant and equipment, and the subsequent report was detailed and came with a clear plan of actions required to bring the facility up to standard. The report highlighted many actual and potential weaknesses not previously known, but no issue was ignored and the actions suggested were thoroughly explained together with the implications if alternate options were taken.

While the plans were in discussion, ORAC carried out many emergency repairs that would have had a detrimental effect on the operational effectiveness of the facility. The staff and contractors used were notable in their professional and flexible approach, and were always available when called upon, even when out of hours or at weekends. The quality of the work undertaken was first class, and we were especially impressed with their desire to identify and rectify the root cause of a problem, not merely fixing the items with a short term approach.

Over the following year the planned repair and maintenance schedule has been carried out, sometimes to plan, sometimes as a result of unexpected expediency. All costs have been quoted and documented in advance, which helps in controlling budget requirements.

Overall the ORAC strategy was to document all items of plant, to repair those items in urgent need of work and maintain to a high standard all the items of equipment to reduce future repairs. This strategy loaded cost at the front end of the contract, but as planned there has been a reduction in ongoing costs as the maintenance program has reduced the opportunity for failure. In a nutshell, ORAC have helped completely rework the maintenance and repair strategy with SLE and delivered the promised improvements to both the operation and the cost of the service.

The permanent ORAC staff assigned to the SLE site have ensured they have a comprehensive knowledge of the equipment and its functionality. They have also created systems of reporting and control for any repairs carried out by either ORAC or contractors. They are always sensitive to the operational and research requirements of the site, and liaise with SLE staff to ensure disruption is kept to the minimum. In a way it appears that they have taken ownership of the site, and as such give great comfort to SLE in their commitment shown.

SLE are completely satisfied with ORAC, and would recommend them to any potential customer.
We would be pleased to discuss ORAC further should the need arise.

Stephen Jones
Finance and Administration Manager

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